God Gave My Wife a Job

Recently, my wife was looking for a job after she gave birth to of our first child. Everything went well and she felt good to start working again. She didn’t have a job at that moment, so she had to apply first. The first application seemed to lead to nothing, because the vacancy was already taken. Then she applied for another one and was accepted. But when she had to sign the contract, she found out she couldn’t agree with the expectations of the organisation. So she decided not to sign the contract and to search for something else.

Of course we prayed for a job, but then it came to my mind to pray that God would give a job, instead of searching for one. I believed God could do that and it would be a great confirmation of God’s favour to us. So I prayed that God would give my wife a job and that she would not get a job because of her own works.

A few days later we found a flyer of an organisation in our mailbox. It was not about vacancies, but it was a place where my wife could work. So I thought this could be the answer of God and told my wife that she could apply at this organisation. So she did and was invited for a job interview.

The next day, she got an email from the organisation she sent here first application to. They told that they had a new vacancy and asked if my wife was still interested in a job. She was also invited for a job interview at this organisation. To make a long story short: she was accepted at both organisations and had to choose at which organisation she would like to work. She chose the organisation who asked her if she was still interested.

This was a clear answer of God to my prayer. It was even better than I imagined! I thought that the flyer could be an answer of God, but God showed to have an even better answer to my prayer. We can expect amazing answers from God when we pray!

God bless you!

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