Deliverance from Demon through Prayer in Jesus’ Name

Lately I wrote a testimony about Praying with a University Student to Accept Jesus’ Sacrifice. This was a very exciting experience during a course about Christianity. During that same course, and actually the same day, I had another interesting experience when I prayed for another participant of this course.

After a talk about the work of the Holy Spirit and personal fellowship with God, a participant shared that she found it hard to have a relationship with God. She said that when she wanted to pray and read her Bible, she was distracted and couldn’t focus anymore. She didn’t really have that problem when she was with other Christians, but when she was on her own, she couldn’t focus on God.

I thought that this could be the work of demons, but I didn’t want to make her afraid. So I suggested to pray and see what will happen. I prayed in Jesus’ name that everything would be broken what was holding her back to have a relationship with God. I also prayed in tongues and when I prayed, I saw her hands squeezing together. After the prayer I asked what she experienced. She told me that she experienced pain which was not nice and that she therefore squeezed her hands.

I explained that this was definitely not from God and that I wanted to pray again to send this away. This second time I prayed more boldly. In Jesus’ name I sent away every spirit and power which was not from God and what was holding her back from a relationship with God. I also prayed in tongues again and when I saw she got relaxed I stopped. She explained she felt relieved now and really happy and free. This was amazing to me. For some reason she was influenced by some demon who wouldn’t let go of her. Because of prayer in Jesus’ name she was really set free.

It is not something to be afraid of if it feels like a battle to have a relationship with God and live for Jesus. Even though it is a battle indeed, Jesus is the highest authority.

God bless you!

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