My Wife Prayed for the Healing of my Ear Infection

Last week, I had a cold. In the end I even felt that it turned into an ear infection. I had some bad ear infections before and really didn’t want to go through all the pain again. Many years ago, I had an ear infection and couldn’t sleep at all because of the pain. Before me and my wife went to sleep, we were praying. During prayer, my wife was thinking of prayer for healing for my ear. While she thought about it, her arm became warm and felt like it lifted up. It was as if God tried to convince her that she should pray for me and that her hand would have healing power. So she asked to pray for me and I let her. I didn’t feel much at that moment, but was very thankful for prayer and had faith that it would be alright. I did sleep the whole night and didn’t woke up from the pain. So far I was glad, but my ear infection was not totally healed yet. The next day before we went to sleep, I asked my wife to pray for my ear again. I didn’t notice anything at that moment, but said to my wife that prayer sometimes is like planting a seed: that means that healing sometimes kind of grows and bears fruit in time. As we were talking about it, I felt like no pain or irritation in my ear anymore. It was amazing! The next day I felt it a bit again, but it decreased more and more. Although I believe that healing can and is happening instantly in many occasions, it is good to understand that it sometimes takes a while before someone notices a difference. After all, prayer in faith is never useless and the result will come (in time). Praise God for his goodness!

This is the confidence we have in approaching God: that if we ask anything according to his will, he hears us. ~ 1 John 5,14 ~

God bless you,

Brother Jacob

Founder of Experience Jesus

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