God Guides Us to Serve Him among Muslims

In 2013 I was still exploring how I could serve the Lord. I had visited a Mosque once to witness of Jesus. I had an interesting conversation and learned a lot. A couple of months later, I thought about it again and wanted to visit that Mosque again. I didn’t want to go on my own this time. While thinking about someone to invite to join going to the Mosque, I did not know what would happen at the Mosque. Maybe we would only go there and pray for the Muslims we see to get to know Jesus as Lord and Savior or maybe some Muslims would be very rude and throw us out.

I decided to invite a friend whom I thought would be interested to join. Still, I was surprised when he a said he wanted to join. The next day I heard what happened and was quite amazed about how God had led us. Just before I had sent him a message, my friend was praying. He had said to God to call him to do something, even if God called him for something he didn’t like to do. Just after he finished prayer, he got my message about going to the Mosque. His first response actually was, I don’t like to go. But then he thought, this is probably God’s call. So he decided to come with me.

How amazing, don’t you think?! It is not that thousands of Muslims were led to Jesus as far as I know. However, something has been set in motion. Spiritually we certainly made a difference by praying for Jesus’ light to break through in the Mosque. Besides, we learned that God was leading us and that it was good to obey Jesus. We learned more about Jesus through this and other visits, because we were challenged to think about what we believed. Also, this experience was a step in a bigger calling of God for my friend. At this moment he is preparing to go overseas to serve Jesus in a Muslim country. Yes, God is with us and will help us if we are open to step out and serve him.

God bless you!

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