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In About you can read that I study the Bible by copying it by hand in English and Arabic. You may wonder why I should do that. First of all, I don’t want to be a kind of Bible geek. However, I think it is important for me to know the Bible very well, because you cannot always grab a Bible to look something up when you are talking with others. Besides, I learned about Christians who were persecuted and put in prison because of their faith. They lost their Bible and could only ‘read’ the Bible for as far as they remembered. I also heard about people copying the Bible to better remember it. Therefore did I also start to copy the Bible by hand.

A couple of years later I was inspired by a missionary, William Carey (1761 – 1834), who translated the Bible in many different languages in India. I had learned quite some Arabic in the mean time and thought that it was a good idea to start copying the Bible in Arabic as well. This was hard in the beginning, but it is going very good now. It helps me to remember and understand the Bible. Not that the Bible in itself is so important, but because it is a reliable source about who Jesus really is. I also grow in my understanding of Arabic. So, I think if I could share anything in whatever language, it would be best if it will be about Jesus. Therefore, I enjoy studying the Bible in this way, so I could serve Jesus more. I want everyone to know Jesus and that is why I learned Arabic in the first place. I thought it could help me when I would have conversations with Muslims. And now, it will help me to translate this website in Arabic.

Draft of Experience Jesus in Arabic - a
Part of the draft for the Arabic version of

Although it may cost some time, I really believe that it will benefit the Kingdom of God significantly. I started already with a draft of the Arabic homepage as you can see above. When I finished this, I will continue to translate the Jesus Course. The Jesus Course (English version) has lately been updated and this version is already available. You can start the Jesus Course for free and learn all you need to know about Jesus. Please pray for this work and that God will guide it in his way. Thanks a lot!

God bless you,

Brother Jacob

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