With whom would you identify yourself?

When you read in the Bible the stories about Jesus’ life on earth, you will probably identify yourself with someone. It would be great if you identify yourself with Jesus in a certain way. In the sense that you have a ministry and proclaim the Kingdom of God with power and teach about Kingdom principles and disciple others or just some of those. If you would not identify yourself with Jesus, there are other possibilities. I have summed up four possibilities below.

1. A disciple

It could be that you identify yourself with the disciples. That is good. Jesus chose twelve men to follow him. He discipled them. This means that he spent his time with them, so these men learned to live like Jesus. They were also send out two by two to preach the Gospel with power. This was kind of an internship. Jesus chose them, even though they made mistakes. And in the end they were the leaders of the first believers in Jerusalem after Jesus had poured out his Spirit at Pentecost. It can be that, even though you are still learning, you begin to serve people around you and that you start to proclaim the Good News of Jesus Christ.

2. Someone in need of Jesus

It can also be that you identify with one the people who got healed or set free by Jesus. If you are sick or struggling with stuff in your life, you want to be touched by Jesus and you long for Jesus to change your life as well. It is good to know that Jesus helps all who came to him.

3. A pharisee

There were also people who came to Jesus and didn’t need his help. At least, they do not ask for it. Most of the time it were the pharisees or other religious leaders. It is remarkable that these people have such problems with Jesus’ teaching. It is what happens in our days as well. When some new Christian movement starts and there are ‘results’. There will always be Christian leaders who will criticize this new movement and say it is not good or not from God, because it does not fit in their tradition. This is a pity, because it seems that people like this are holding more to their tradition than to what Jesus taught, even though they think that they serve God.

4. A spectator

Besides the disciples and those who approached Jesus because of their need or complains, often there was a large crowd following Jesus as well. They didn’t need healing, and were not really against Jesus. Those people are maybe like many people in the church today. They love to hear biblical teaching and great testimonies of what God is doing. Or they are very happy with good worship music and witnessing all kind of miracles. At least they are interested to spend time discussing their faith and talk about what happens in other Christian their lives, without changing their own lives.

Maybe you have an idea with whom you would identify yourself. To one of the above groups or maybe you identify yourself with Jesus. If you identify yourself with Jesus, very good. One thing, keep in mind that Jesus must remain more important than your ministry or whatever you do to serve him. If you identify yourself as an disciple. Great! Remember that growth is more important than instant perfection. If you identify yourself as a critical or skeptical person about what is going on around in any group of believers that you are not used to. Please, ask yourself if it is really against the Bible or that it is just something that you are not used to. Decide for yourself what is more important to you. At last, if you belong to the group of Christians that is not really involved in serving Jesus. Decide if you really want to follow Jesus, If you want to serve Jesus, find a way to get to know Jesus more and really learn how to serve him. Just like the disciples.

God bless you!

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