Yesterday, Jesus Conquered

Yesterday evening, my wife and I were visiting fellow Christians. We were gathered there with several brothers and sisters and had real fellowship. It was really good to be together as God’s family and be church. During the evening we discussed how we could live as real disciples of Jesus, just like the first disciples in the Book of Acts. This was interesting and good. However, at the end of the evening something even more interested happened during prayer.

During the evening we were talking about church history. It was good to learn again that there were great reformations and revivals in the past, but there was always one problem. After a while a movement was institutionalized and it became a system again. In this way it lost its power from God and became just another denomination and tradition. It is not that all is lost, but the momentum it had when it started was lost and limited through systems and rules and unbalanced focus on certain teachings.

This was a great discussion, but even more exciting was the time in prayer at the end of the evening. It is always great to pray with brothers and sisters in oneness. However, before we prayed we talked about things we wanted prayer for. One sister said she had pain in her belly. We decided to pray for healing for her immediately. However, after a little time of prayer, something started to happen inside her. It was obvious that for some reason she had a demon and that demon didn’t wanted to leave. Even though the demon didn’t wanted to leave, we persisted to pray for her deliverance and continued to send the demon away. And of course, in the end the demon couldn’t resist the name of Jesus and left. We could notice that this sister started to calm down. The battle was won!

Jesus’ name was again the power to deliver a person of the bondage of Satan. It was interesting that this sister had seen such deliverances on YouTube etc, but couldn’t believe that it was real. She couldn’t help but think that people, who got delivered, faked the manifestation. Yesterday evening she realized how real it was. She had never experienced such a battle inside here before. All of us should be aware that de devil is real and wants to control people’ lives. Even more should we realize that Jesus is given all authority in heaven and on earth. In his name we have authority over every demon and power of the Enemy that wants to destroy people’s lives.

God bless you,

Brother Jacob

Founder of Experience Jesus

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