My Wife’s Testimony About Her Back Pain Healing

In Healed from Back Pain by Moving of a Spine Disc I shared about the healing of my wife her back pain. Through prayer a Spine Disc moved and the pain was gone. I asked my wife to write down her part of this testimony and here it is:

“A couple of years ago, I had fallen hard backwards on my back. Since then, I had back pain in my lower back regularly. It was always in the same place that I felt pain. After a while, I encountered that there was a kind of cove at the place of the pain. Usually, you should feel a disc at that place, but probably this disc was moved a bit forward by the fall.

On a certain day, I had a lot of pain in my back again. When I shared this with my husband, he suggested to pray for it. After he prayed and commanded the disc to move back in the right position, I felt no pain anymore. I was tired, so I laid down on my back again. When I did this, I encountered that the place which was hollow first, was now filled. When I checked my back, I felt that the disc was at his position again next to the other discs. There was no more cove at the place where it was first. Since then, I have never had any pain in my back again. Praise God!”

This is my wife’s testimony of her healing. For the record, she is a physiotherapist, so when she says that a disc is moved, she know what she is talking about. This was a great testimony for her, but for me as well. I know that through the healing power of the Holy Spirit an undeniable miracle had happened.

God bless you!

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