Testimony About The Importance Of Baptism

Last year I received an interesting email. It was from a woman from Asia who had visited our website and had seen some of the Movies on our website. One of these movies made her decide that she wanted to get baptized. She admitted that she was not a Christian yet, but was reading the Bible every day. I found this statement remarkable, because there are a lot of people who call themselves Christian, but who are not reading the Bible every day. I was happy to read that she understood that she needed to get baptized and that she longed for the baptism with the Holy Spirit.

I did not know this woman, so I first replied to her with some questions about what she believed and what she understood about baptism. Her answers showed that she understood who Jesus is and what baptism means (even though she knew only a little English). I didn’t had the opportunity to go to her, so I decided to connect her to believers in her neighbourhood who were willing to baptize her. If this wouldn’t work out, I would look for an opportunity to go myself. I sent her a link of a map, so she could find people close to her who were willing to baptize her. The people on the map were living too far from her place, so she could not go to them and only send them a message. However, she was connected to someone who lived close enough by a person she found on that map. After they met, this person was willing to baptize her and already prayed for her in tongues. In the end they baptized her in the sea and she started a new life as a reborn person. This was amazing to me and I was very happy that I could help this person to take such an important step!

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If you have questions about baptism, send an email to info@who-is-jesus-really.com or read more about baptism here:
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God bless you,

Brother Jacob

Founder of Experience Jesus

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