God’s Guidance In Desperate Times

Almost six years ago I was considering to study theology and become a minister in the church denomination in which I had grown up. I had already subscribed at the Theological University of this particular denomination and planned to quit my technical study. Because several things happened in my life, I started to doubt this decision more and more. After a while I considered to do a charismatic Bible school instead or even to continue my study at a Technical University. In the end I was desperate. Making a decision between good and bad is not that hard, but at that moment I really needed God’s guidance to choose between these three good options. And God answered clearly.

The denomination I was part of was quit traditional and although things were changing, I became uncertain if I could justify the doctrines of this denomination. For example, baptism as in infant was really important in this denomination, but I was considering to get baptized as an adult. Although I was not really convinced that I actually needed to get baptized as an adult at that moment, I thought it was not wise to get a scholarship for the theology study. Because when I would get baptized as an adult, I had was not allowed to preach and had to repay the scholarship. While I was doubting about this step to study theology, I visited a charismatic Bible school. I was attracted by the testimonies of the student’s testimonies about how they heard God’s voice and saw how the Holy Spirit worked miracles through their lives. This amazed me because I was not really seeing these things in my own life. In the tradition in which I had grown up there were more concerns about the right doctrines, but the Holy Spirit was not taught about a lot and I didn’t experience the power of the Holy Spirit.

While I was not sure about studying theology and thought that I would lose God in such a theoretical study, I was also not convinced to do the charismatic Bible school. Although I was attracted by the testimonies of the work of the Holy Spirit, I was not sure if it was the right place for me and it was a really big step into something that was really new to me. There were also other things going on which made this choice even harder. For example, my parents didn’t want to support me when I would do a charismatic Bible school. When I was thinking about this decision more and more, I couldn’t make a choice. I was really wondering what God’s plan was, because in the end God could use me whatever choice I would make.

How could I know what God wanted me to do at that moment? I was desperate and the longer it took for me to make a choice, the more I felt down. I cried out to God and asked him to help me. I even asked God to send an angel and just tell me what to do and I would do it. And God answered my prayer. The next day, I got an appointment with an older Christian woman. During this appointment I wanted to complain about how miserable I felt and what was going on in my life. However, this woman was really helpful and just let me tell my story and then told me loud and clear that I should finish my technical study first. Even though I tried to complain, this woman would not let me and just  repeated that I should finish my study.

It was not a real angel, but still God had answered my prayer clearly and just told me what to do through this Christian woman I respected. Therefore I continued my study. But besides that, God led me into several ministries. In the period that I was doubting about if I should do a theological study or a Bible school, I received an anonymous package in the mail. It contained a book about who you are in Christ. This book taught me a lot and when I learned more about the organisation of the writer of this book, I found out they had a part-time Bible school in the evening. I was able to participate in this Bible school and learned a lot about God and the Bible. I even learned about hearing God’s voice and heal the sick in the power of the Holy Spirit and much more. Through all this God led me in a divine way into a ministry in which I could mentor people to live in freedom by application of Biblical truths and into a ministry in which I could serve people by prayer for healing and miracles. In this way I could really learn a lot in theory and in practice. After a year I also got baptized and this was amazing. (You can read more about this in God’s Guidance to Get Baptized.) I think I can honestly say that this year was a huge preparation for the work of Experience Jesus I would start later. Praise God!

God bless you,

Brother Jacob

Founder of Experience Jesus

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