Mission Statement & Strategy

Mission Statement

We believe it is necessary and relevant for everyone to know Jesus personally and see it as our task to make him known.

To achieve that everyone can Experience Jesus, we share about what Jesus does in our lives. We help anyone to Experience Jesus themself during the Jesus course and by praying for their prayer requests. We post Bible studies to create a clear picture of who Jesus is and what his purpose is for everyone’s lives. In all this, we believe that Jesus will help us through the power of the Holy Spirit and provide us for everything we need to fulfil this ministry.

Experience Jesus and a Relationship with Jesus

This website is mainly about experiencing Jesus and also about living with Jesus. We understand you may think: why isn’t much information given about history (or science) related to Jesus? We agree, it would be interesting to look at what can be found about Jesus historically. Actually there is a lot to say about Jesus and the Gospels historically, even outside the Bible there are different sources which agree with the Gospels about what Jesus did and said. However, we believe that a personal experience of Jesus, and a personal relationship with Jesus is more important. Only through a personal experience with Jesus our lives will change. By this we mean that by knowledge alone, this may not really affect our life. Even if we believe that Jesus lived about 2000 years ago. Or even if we have a lot of knowledge about what the Bible teaches, it may not change us. When we experience Jesus and live in relationship with him, we will change. Then it will be real and relevant to us. In this way, we will have faith in a living Jesus. Although we may not know and understand everything!

1 Corinthians 4,20

By the way, we do not say that knowledge is not important. When you join the Jesus Course, you will see that the lessons give a lot of information based on the Bible. But only through the experience of Jesus will this impact your life. Through the work of the Holy Spirit, you will receive healing, you will regain your true purpose for your life and you will be set your free from the power of Satan who wants to hold you down. This will really change your life. We pray that you long for Jesus and will experience how he can change your life for the better.