Brother Jacob
Brother Jacob Testifying about Jesus at a Conference

Hello, I am Brother Jacob and in March of 2018 I have started Experience Jesus. I did this, because I want everyone to know how amazing it is to live with Jesus. During my growing up I didn’t really know Jesus, even though I called myself a christian. However, fortunately I got to know Jesus personally later and since then I wanted to live for him the rest of my life.

Jesus is very important to me because Jesus changed my life. Before I knew Jesus, I was full of hopelessness and fear. Jesus turned this around and gave me real purpose and brought freedom in my life. From then on, my desire was for everyone to be part of this joyful life as well. Therefore I searched for different ways to share about my new life with Jesus and I was eager to learn more about Jesus. I followed a bible school to learn more about the bible and following Jesus. I also did a course about world religions to understand how people live and think about spirituality. Besides that, I was involved in different ministries to serve Jesus. Among others I was part of an online course to help people to get free from sexual sin and worked with students at universities to share about Jesus. I learned a lot from all this studying and serving. In the end, I was led to share what I learned by starting the website who-is-jesus-really.com (which became experiencejesus.live), and so Experience Jesus began.

Brother Jacob - Bible Study - John 1 English
The Start of a Copy by Hand of the Gospel of John

To help others share in the new life I experienced since I know Jesus personally, I created the Jesus Course. This course will help you to know and Experience Jesus as well. Besides the Jesus Course, it is also possible to share about your need for prayer. Then you will Experience Jesus when he answers your requests. Beside this, I am still eager to learn more about Jesus, so I study the Bible a lot. Since years I am studying the Bible intensely by copying it by hand. I do not only do this in English, but also in Arabic. I started with the Gospel of Mark, which I have copied more than once now, and then I started to do the other gospels and other New Testament books as well.

Brother Jacob - Bible Study - Luke 1 Arabic
The Start of a Copy by Hand of the Gospel of Luke (in Arabic)

It is really great to study the Bible in this way, because it gives insights to not only study it in English. I look forward to study the Bible in other languages as well. Besides, because it takes some time to copy the Bible by hand, there is more time to let the Holy Spirit help me to understand the Bible and give revelations about God and God’s will. Last but not least, you cannot skip any less favorite passage when copying a complete Bible book. Therefore, this gives a complete picture of what is the word of the Bible and keep me from false teaching which only focuses on part of what the Bible teaches.

Brother Jacob 2
Brother Jacob Preaching during a Christmas Celebration about Matthew 2,1-6: Do not only know what the Bible says, but act on it as well.

I am very happy that I can share about the wonderful life with Jesus and from what I learn from studying the Bible. I think it is amazing that it is possible to share about this online, but I am also excited to train and inspire the Body of Christ offline. I look forward to give trainings or give a talk wherever God calls me. My only desire is to help people with the Truth I found in Jesus. In all this, I am blessed that the Holy Spirit helps me to share about Jesus online and offline, every day. Also, I thank God for the support given through other people. I cannot do this work alone and I am really grateful that God does not let me stand alone in this ministry.