In 2013 I was still exploring how I could serve the Lord. I had visited a Mosque once to witness of Jesus. I had an interesting conversation and learned a lot. A couple of months later, I thought about it again and wanted to visit that Mosque again. I didn’t want to go on my own this time. While thinking about someone to invite to join going to the Mosque, I did not know what would happen at the Mosque. Read More

In many christian groups it is said that we have to forgive everyone no matter what. Some even say that we have to forgive everyone before we can receive healing, the Holy Spirit, or some other blessing. As example of being forgiving, they point to Jesus who forgave those who crucified him. However, as you can read in the Bible passage below, that is not literally what Jesus did. Read More

Do You (Truly) Love Jesus?

Do you love Jesus? If you are a christian, I assume you would respond something like this: “Yes, of course. Why would you ask me?” It may sound like an odd question to you, but in fact it is not. Read the following passage in the Bible? Read More

How can I be sure that God wants to Heal?

Some people are afraid to pray for healing. They think they cannot know if God wants to heal the person they pray for. Often, they refer to Jesus’ prayer in the garden of Gethsemane before he was arrested. This sounds pious, as if they take Jesus’ words really seriously and absolutely fear God, but we will see it is actually the opposite. Let’s start by reading how Jesus teaches us to pray: Read More