What has a Command about Slaves to do with Jesus’ Love?

Paul writes to his student Timothy that all Scripture is divinely inspired and is useful for teaching and training etc (see: 2 Timothy 3,16-17). Jesus also states that the Scriptures testify about him (see: John 5,39-40). This means we can study the Old Testament to learn about Jesus. Let’s do this with a remarkable command about Hebrew slaves, read it here: Read More

God Leads People to Join Bible Study Group

During the summer of 2011 I decided to follow Jesus for the rest of my life. A few weeks later I attended a christian conference. While enjoying being around with a lot of Jesus’ followers, I was challenged to start an Open Bible Study Group. Such a Bible Group is not (only) meant for followers of Jesus, but is open for people who are not yet followers of Jesus. I was not comfortable to invite people to an Open Bible Study Group, so I was not sure what to do. After a while I joined a team to lead a course about Jesus. This helped me to step out and connect with people who didn’t follow Jesus and be open about my faith. Besides that, I also learned a lot about Jesus and grew much in faith.

When the course was already finished, I went to Read More

Healed from Back Pain by Moving of a Spine Disc

A year ago my wife was healed from pain in her back after prayer. She mentioned that she felt a disk of her spine sticking out a little bit at her back. After I prayed and commanded the disc to be at his right place in Jesus’ name, she checked this again and didn’t feel the pain, but also didn’t feel the disc sticking out.

This is an example of a miracle of Jesus in my life and he can do a lot more. I hope you are encouraged to pray for healing more and/or have faith for healing in your own life.

God bless you!

A Bike Provided by God in Answer to Prayer

Almost five years ago I was hit by a car on a Sunday afternoon when I cycled home. I was not hurt, but I couldn’t use the bike anymore. I needed a bike to go to university, otherwise I had to walk or use Public Transport. Both would take a lot of time.

On this Sunday evening I was praying and thinking about what to do. Honestly, I didn’t like to repair the bike, but felt bad to just buy a new one. I didn’t know what to do. Then I remembered that the Bible teaches to ask God for wisdom when we need it (James 1,5). At the same time, I also read a story about a woman who needed practical help for her income and received it after she prayed. So I prayed to God that I needed a bike and that I trusted him to help me. The next day I first had to help some students at the university and I trusted God to give me wisdom when I was finished, so I would know what to do. Read More