God Gave My Wife a Job

Recently, my wife was looking for a job after she gave birth to of our first child. Everything went well and she felt good to start working again. She didn’t have a job at that moment, so she had to apply first. The first application seemed to lead to nothing, because the vacancy was already taken. Then she applied for another one and was accepted. But when she had to sign the contract, she found out she couldn’t agree with the expectations of the organisation. So she decided not to sign the contract and to search for something else. Read More

Leg Grows During Prayer

When I was at a healing training four years ago, someone mentioned he prayed for people with back pain a lot. He said that most of the time this had to do with unequal legs. I remembered that my hips were not at the same height, although I didn’t really have pain in my back. Anyway, I asked them to check my legs and they found a significant difference of a about half an inch. When they prayed I didn’t notice a lot. But afterwards, when I walked around, it felt like I was walking around with a shoe at one foot and with one bare foot. During prayer, my legs had grown equal and I had to get used to my legs having the same length. This was for me a great moment, because I experienced God’s power. This experience encouraged me to pray for other people.

God bless you!