Experience Jesus

Since I finished the teaching of Jesus’ Suffering and the last comments about this teaching, I desire more and more to write an article about prayer and Christian life. Only, even though I have an idea about the structure and message of this article, I didn’t have found the words to really start writing this article. Therefore, while I was in prayer this morning, I asked God to give me a message for you. I was led to think about the importance of the Holy Spirit in our life. Read More

In many christian groups it is said that we have to forgive everyone no matter what. Some even say that we have to forgive everyone before we can receive healing, the Holy Spirit, or some other blessing. As example of being forgiving, they point to Jesus who forgave those who crucified him. However, as you can read in the Bible passage below, Jesus didn’t really forgive those who crucified him. Read More

What does it mean that the Word of God lives in you?

A few weeks ago I wrote about the Word of God as defined by the Bible. During this blog I showed that Jesus himself is the Word of God according to the Bible, like we read in John 1: the Word became flesh – not a book. I concluded with what difference this makes to us: the Word of God lives in us when we are born again, because Jesus (the living Word of God) is one with the Holy Spirit. In this blog I will continue about Jesus living in us and will focus on the following passage: Read More