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Saved by Grace: An Introduction

“Saved by Grace” is a popular Christian statement. It sounds Biblical, and it is. But what is the meaning of this statement? What does it mean to be saved? To many, this claim just means that a person goes to heaven, because this person believes in Jesus. That is at least what I thought about it for many years. However, after studying and struggling with what the Bible says about this, I have come to new insights. Read More

Is it Biblical to say that the Bible is the Word of God?

Many Christians refer to Ephesians 6,17 to state that we should use the Bible as a sword like Jesus in the desert. Of course it is true that Jesus quoted Old Testament Scripture to defend himself against the temptations of the devil (see: Matthew 4,1-11 or Luke 4,1-13). It is good when we quote the Bible in the same way to defend ourselves against the lies of the devil. However, does this make the Bible the Word of God? Or the Old Testament? Read More