Experience Jesus

When you read the stories about Jesus’ ministry in the Bible, you will probably identify yourself with someone. It would be great if you identify yourself with Jesus in a certain way. In the sense that you have a ministry and proclaim the Kingdom of God with power and teach about Kingdom principles and disciple others or just some of those. If you would not identify yourself with Jesus, there are other possibilities. I have summed up four possibilities below. Read More

Prayer – An Intimate Relationship

I grew up as a Christian, but I was not really a follower of Jesus. I believed that I would go to heaven when I died and I went to church every Sunday, but that was more or less all it meant to me to be a Christian. I didn’t really know God. Of course, I knew God like we know famous people like politicians and sport stars, but I didn’t know God personally. This all changed when I started to study the Bible seriously. First, I was scared because I realized that following Jesus was more than just believing that something is true, that Jesus is the Son of God and died for our sins. After I struggled with this for more than half a year, I gave myself over to God. I admitted that I couldn’t live for God in my own strength and I declared that I only wanted to follow Jesus the rest of my life. I turned away from my old life and started a relationship with God. This was the beginning of something amazing and it is still going on. Read More