Experience Jesus

When you read the stories about Jesus’ ministry in the Bible, you will probably identify yourself with someone. It would be great if you identify yourself with Jesus in a certain way. In the sense that you have a ministry and proclaim the Kingdom of God with power and teach about Kingdom principles and disciple others or just some of those. If you would not identify yourself with Jesus, there are other possibilities. I have summed up four possibilities below. Read More

In many christian groups it is said that we have to forgive everyone no matter what. Some even say that we have to forgive everyone before we can receive healing, the Holy Spirit, or some other blessing. As example of being forgiving, they point to Jesus who forgave those who crucified him. However, as you can read in the Bible passage below, Jesus didn’t really forgive those who crucified him. Read More

WWII and Living in the Kingdom of God

When I was young, I liked to read books. Many of the books I read were stories about the Second World War. I liked to read books about the Dutch Resistance during the nazi occupation of the Netherlands. Although, most of them were only fictional stories, they inspired and intrigued me. Years later, when I became a follower of Jesus, I started to realize that following Jesus had something in common with the Dutch Resistance. While the Netherlands were occupied by the nazis, several Dutchmen denied to work together with the nazis and started to sabotage the works of their occupiers. Together they formed the Dutch Resistance. Although they lived in an occupied country, they lived for the sake of the Dutch Kingdom. Read More

Can you be too Busy to Serve Jesus?

Lately, I have been writing about the use of the name of Jesus (see What do you mean “In the name of Jesus?” What do you mean “In the name of Jesus?” – Part A and – Part B). Although I haven’t finished these series yet, for now, I wanted to write a testimony God gave on my heart to share. Read More