Experience Jesus

How God Led me and my wife to Pray for Brothers and Sisters on the Street

A very exciting way to testify about Jesus is to go on the street and ask people if they have pain. Depending on their response it is sometimes possible to pray for them and see them being delivered from pain. When they experienced that prayer in Jesus’ name healed them, there is a very good opportunity to explain the Gospel to them. They cannot explain the miracle they experienced, so they are more open to accept that Jesus is real and alive. I want to share some of my experiences when I prayed for people on the street, but not in this post.

About a year ago, my wife and I decided to go on the street to pray for people on a Sunday afternoon. Read More

God Spoke to Me When Praying for Someone

During a former ministry I was part of, I heard the voice of God in an interesting way. The ministry was focused to pray for people to get healed. Usually, before we prayed for a request, we listened to the voice of God. More about hearing the voice of God, you can learn during the Jesus Course. Often we could help people more by listening to God’s voice, because God would speak to a person in a more personal way than we would do. In other occasions it helped us to pray for the request better, because God pointed us at something specific. Read More