Experience Jesus

Who is Jesus really?! After Brother Jacob explained in the first video that Jesus is the King over the Kingdom of God, in this video he explains that Jesus is the Good Shepherd and that we can follow him. Watch the video to learn what this means for you!

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While I grew up as a Christian, I didn’t really know Jesus. Later, I got to know Jesus personally when I experienced God’s grace. Then I started to learn more and more from the Bible and mature Christians. Through this I learned what it meant to follow Jesus and this gave me real purpose. I didn’t have to be desperate anymore, but could live in freedom and testify of Jesus by the power of the Holy Spirit. This life is amazing and I pray that you will experience the same. Watch the video for the whole story. Read More

Almost six years ago I was considering to study theology and become a minister in the church denomination in which I had grown up. I had already subscribed at the Theological University of this particular denomination and planned to quit my technical study. Because several things happened in my life, I started to doubt this decision more and more. After a while I considered to do a charismatic Bible school instead or even to continue my study at a Technical University. In the end I was desperate. Making a decision between good and bad is not that hard, but at that moment I really needed God’s guidance to choose between these three good options. And God answered clearly. Read More

Last year I received an interesting email. It was from a woman from Asia who had visited our website and had seen some of the Movies on our website. One of these movies made her decide that she wanted to get baptized. She admitted that she was not a Christian yet, but was reading the Bible every day. I found this statement remarkable, because there are a lot of people who call themselves Christian, but who are not reading the Bible every day. I was happy to read that she understood that she needed to get baptized and that she longed for the baptism with the Holy Spirit. Read More