Experience Jesus

Who is Jesus really?! In this first video Brother Jacob explains that Jesus is King of the Kingdom of God. He also explains what this powerful truth means for us. Enjoy this teaching!

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In Healed from Back Pain by Moving of a Spine Disc I shared about the healing of my wife from back pain. Through prayer a Spine Disc moved and the pain was gone. I asked to write down her part of this testimony and here it is:

“A couple of years ago, I had fallen hard backwards on my back. Since then, I had back pain in my lower back regularly. It was always in the same place that I felt pain. After a while, I encountered that there was a kind of cove at the place of the pain. Usually, you should feel a disc at that place, but probably this disc was moved a bit forward by the fall. Read More

My Wife Prayed for the Healing of my Ear Infection

Last week, I had a cold. In the end I even felt that it turned into an ear infection. I had some bad ear infections before and really didn’t want to go through all the pain again. Many years ago, I had an ear infection and couldn’t sleep at all because of the pain. Before me and my wife went to sleep, we were praying. Read More

God Led Me to Pray for Healing

The last period I have been busy with mentoring students at the Jesus Course and many other things, therefore I didn’t have the time to publish any posts. However, I am writing on a new one. It will probably be one of the most fundamental teachings I will write. It is about what God’s grace means for our daily life. There is much to say about this and the teaching may be different than some of you expect. Read More