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Prayed together with a University Student to Accept Jesus’ Sacrifice

During a course for students about Christianity I had the privilege to pray with someone to accept Jesus’ sacrifice. What Jesus’ sacrifice means to you, you can learn during the Jesus Course and from the blog Insights about the Gospel of Jesus Christ from the Story of the Good Samaritan.

One of the participants of this course for students said she liked the course very much, but found it hard to believe that Jesus’ sacrifice was also for her. I asked if it was OK to read the Bible together about this. When she confirmed that it was OK, we read several passages. Among others we read the following: Read More

Insights about the Gospel of Jesus Christ from the Story of the Good Samaritan

Lately I wrote a blog about what a command from the Old Testament tells about Jesus’ Love. Now I will share a story which gives also a deeper understanding of the Good News of Jesus Christ. This story is told by Jesus himself and is found in the Gospel of Luke. Read it for yourself here: Read More

What has a Command about Slaves to do with Jesus’ Love?

Paul writes to his student Timothy that all Scripture is divinely inspired and is useful for teaching and training etc (see: 2 Timothy 3,16-17). Jesus also states that the Scriptures testify about him (see: John 5,39-40). This means we can study the Old Testament to learn about Jesus (you can learn more about this during the Jesus Course). Let’s do this with a remarkable command about Hebrew slaves, read it here: Read More