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Practical Information:

The Jesus Course consist of 26 lessons divided over six modules. Module 1 is about who Jesus was and what he means to you today. This module starts with an introductory lesson which give you a general overview of the main things Jesus said and did. In this way you will get a clear picture of who Jesus was. If you like this lesson you can continue to take part in the other five lessons of the first module as well. These five lessons go deeper into the life of Jesus and help you to discover what Jesus really means for your life. When you are finished with Module 1, you can choose to take part in the other five modules as well. All of these five modules contain four lessons to train you in the most important aspects of living with Jesus. Each one of these modules focuses on a different subject. To read more about the subjects of each module, go to Course Modules.

The Jesus Course works best if you work on it every day. The lessons are divided into sub lessons. In this way you don’t have to finish a whole lesson every day, but you can continue the Jesus Course at your own pace. Each sub lesson concludes with a quiz. If you have submitted your answers, you will immediately see the correct answers and some feedback. Besides, you will receive a link to the next sub lesson, so you can immediately continue the Jesus Course. Your will receive your answers by email as well (including feedback and link to the next sub lesson), so you can take the time to think about the course material a bit and continue the course at a later moment. Also your mentor will receive an email with your answers. Don’t worry, your mentor is only there to help you and will give you some personal feedback after each lesson as soon as possible. That is, after you finished all sub lessons of a particular lesson. Besides that, he will encourage you, pray for you and help you when you have questions.


What Students Say:

“The Jesus Course taught me a lot, even though I am a Christian and I am familiar with Jesus.”

“The lessons make you think and there are Bible passages considered which you normally do not think about a lot.”

“Every lesson is most powerful, I have been taught many great things”


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