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If you want to support the work of Experience Jesus, the best thing you can do is to pray. It is important to consider the following points in prayer:

  1. Thank God for the work and blessing of Experience Jesus;
  2. Pray that the team will humbly follow the way which is blessed by God, so they won’t work in their own strength;
  3. Pray that any attack of the Enemy against Experience Jesus will be broken and will not harm the team, so they can do their work for God;
  4. Ask God what you can do to help this work for the sake of the Kingdom of God.

Prayer is the best way to support us to serve Jesus. If you want to pray more, fill in this form. Then you will receive updates about the work of Experience Jesus and related prayer requests, so you can pray for this work more specifically and you can see how God is building this work. This newsletter will NOT be used to ask for donations.

If you are led (in whatever way) to support Experience Jesus financially as well, you can use this button:

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The money you donate will only be used to support the expansion of God’s Kingdom.

  • This includes the costs to run this website and anything related (like e-mail addresses).
  • Gifts will also be used to support families who give their time and energy to make this ministry work and can not provide for themselves. This can be due to time required to
    • help and pray for students of the Jesus Course;
    • answer Prayer Requests and to pray for these requests;
    • do Bible research and write Bible studies;
    • promote this ministry online and offline;
    • travel to equip and train followers of Jesus with Biblical teaching and discipleship.
  • As far as we are able, our gifts will also be used to support followers of Jesus who *
    • regularly proclaim the full Gospel of Jesus Christ and the Kingdom of God in a biblical manner in their environment;
    • are called to go and live among unreached people groups to make known the full Gospel;
    • are persecuted and/or are in need.

If you still have questions about donating to Experience Jesus, you can ask your questions here or send an email to

* Our support only goes to those who really need our help