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God’s Guidance In Desperate Times

Almost six years ago I was considering to study theology and become a minister in the church denomination in which I had grown up. I had already subscribed at the Theological University of this particular denomination and planned… Read More

God Guides Us to Serve Him among Muslims

In 2013 I was still exploring how I could serve the Lord. I had visited a Mosque once to be a witness of Jesus. I had an interesting conversation and learned a lot. A couple of months later,… Read More

God Spoke to Me When Praying for Someone

During a former ministry I was part of, I heard the voice of God in an interesting way. The ministry was focused to pray for people to get healed. Usually, before we prayed for a request, we listened… Read More

Testifying Out Loud of Faith in Tram after Prayer

When I was just born again, I was greatly inspired by a book from Brother Andrew. The book was called: THE CALLING – The unforgettable Story of a Man Who Discovered the Adventure of the Calling. The stories in this book… Read More