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The Spirit’s Guidance To Spiritual Deliverance

A few years ago I went to a prayer evening of a church. During this evening the pastor prayed for a young man who was also attending the evening. The words of the pastor touched the young man… Read More

Yesterday, Jesus Conquered

Yesterday evening, my wife and I were visiting fellow Christians. We were gathered there with several brothers and sisters and had real fellowship. It was really good to be together as God’s family and be church. During the… Read More

How can I be sure that God wants to Heal?

Some people are afraid to pray for healing. They think they cannot know if God wants to heal the person they pray for. Often, they refer to Jesus’ prayer in the garden of Gethsemane before he was arrested…. Read More

Healed from Pain in Wrist a Second Time

A few months ago I shared about the healing of the wrist of my wife after I prayed in Jesus’ name. You can read it here: Healed from Pain in Wrist. Yesterday my wife said that she had the… Read More