Experience Jesus

Who you are in Christ

In What About Spiritual Warfare? I wrote that it is important to realize that we as Christians are part in a spiritual war. This is really important indeed and we should we be watchful and pray, so we can resist… Read More

How Jesus Changed My Life

While I grew up as a Christian, I didn’t really know Jesus. Later, I got to know Jesus personally when I experienced God’s grace. Then I started to learn more and more from the Bible and mature Christians…. Read More

Testimony About The Importance Of Baptism

Last year I received an interesting email. It was from a woman from Asia who had visited our website and had seen some of the Movies on our website. One of these movies made her decide that she… Read More

What has Baptism to do with Circumcision?

In God’s Guidance to Get Baptized I wrote about how I grew up with the idea that baptism was the sign of the New Covenant. This idea was supported by the teaching that baptism replaced circumcision. Circumcision was the Jewish… Read More