Experience Jesus

With whom would you identify yourself?

When you read the stories about Jesus’ ministry in the Bible, you will probably identify yourself with someone. It would be great if you identify yourself with Jesus in a certain way. In the sense that you have… Read More

The Apostles

Last week I was driven to study the Apostles in the book of Acts. I was desiring to know if the Apostles were ‘special’ in a certain way. I wanted to know what you can find about this… Read More

God Guides Us to Serve Him among Muslims

In 2013 I was still exploring how I could serve the Lord. I had visited a Mosque once to be a witness of Jesus. I had an interesting conversation and learned a lot. A couple of months later,… Read More

WWII and Living in the Kingdom of God

When I was young, I liked to read books. Many of the books I read were stories about the Second World War. I liked to read books about the Dutch Resistance during the nazi occupation of the Netherlands…. Read More