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My Wife’s Testimony About Her Back Pain Healing

In Healed from Back Pain by Moving of a Spine Disc I shared about the healing of my wife from back pain. Through prayer a Spine Disc moved and the pain was gone. I asked to write down her part… Read More

My Wife Prayed for the Healing of my Ear Infection

Last week, I had a cold. In the end I even felt that it turned into an ear infection. I had some bad ear infections before and really didn’t want to go through all the pain again. Many… Read More

God Led Me to Pray for Healing

The last period I have been busy with mentoring students at the Jesus Course and many other things, therefore I didn’t have the time to publish any posts. However, I am writing on a new one. It will… Read More

Can you be too Busy to Serve Jesus?

Lately, I have been writing about the use of the name of Jesus (see What do you mean “In the name of Jesus?” What do you mean “In the name of Jesus?” – Part A and – Part B). Although… Read More