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Module 1: Who is Jesus Really?!

Module 1This module is all about Jesus’ life. The lessons of this series will show you what Jesus did and taught. As you will see, this will be relevant for you and change your life. Jesus performed many signs and wonders which will amaze you. Besides that, Jesus taught about how to live godly and this will show you why you need Jesus. You will find out that Jesus is raised from the dead and alive today. This will certainly influence your life even more. You want to know Jesus when he is alive!

Module 2: The Life of Prayer

Module 2To live with Jesus, you will need to know about prayer. This module will, therefore, really help you in your life as a follower of Jesus. You will learn how important prayer was for Jesus during his life on earth. Prayer is like a conversation with God, and God answers! Therefore you will learn how to listen to God’s voice during this series. Part of this series is also to pray with faith for God’s providence.  It will be very interesting for you to learn to pray according to God’s will. Another very interesting part of this module will be about praying with authority. Then you will learn to pray for healing etc.

Module 3: Jesus Foretold

Module 3Jesus’ life was not a coincidence. This module will show how Jesus and his work was foretold in the Old Testament. You will find in this series a general overview of prophecies fulfilled in Jesus’ life. Besides that, the lessons contain explanations of how Jesus and his work was foretold. This will give deeper insight in what it meant for you when Jesus was baptized and when he was crucified. It even gives a better understanding of what it means to be born again and how you should live as a follower of Jesus Christ.

Module 4: Living in Freedom

Module 4This module is about how you can live in complete freedom. This is no freedom because of ourselves, but because of the life changing work of Jesus! To be totally free you need to change your mind to know and fulfill God’s will for you. Besides changing your mind, it is really important to break with everything that makes you do anything against God’s will. The reason you go against God’s will has probably something to do with feeling incomplete. You will learn that you need Jesus to feel totally satisfied. You will also learn how you will use the armor of God to resist the Enemy.

Module 5: Dealing with Hardship

Module 5Life with Jesus is not always easy. Therefore is this module all about how to deal with with persecution and trouble because of following Jesus. Persecution sounds very unpleasant, but Jesus talks about it a lot. And as you may have read, Jesus faced a lot of opposition when he lived on earth. So it would be naive to neglect this topic. Actually, this series will really help you to be a more powerful follower of Jesus whatever your situation may be. What can hold you back is unforgiveness. Jesus teaches a lot about loving everyone. Forgiveness helps you to love everyone. In this series you will learn how this works. And more important: how do you forgive?! Persecution may sound hard, but during this series you learn to live a joyful life. This is very powerful and possible because of Jesus. Of course the Holy Spirit will help you to persevere in hardships and this series will show you how. So this series will really help you live for Jesus more!

Module 6: The Body of Christ

Module 6This last module is about the body of Christ, i.e. the followers of Jesus together with Jesus himself. During this series you will learn more about the mission of Jesus for the whole body of Christ and how this has to be accomplished. Besides that, you will learn what it means to come together in the name of Jesus. This will be about that new believers devoted themselves to the apostles’ teaching and to fellowship, to the breaking of bread and to prayer (Acts 2,42). You will also learn what it means that there are different services and ministries in the body of Christ.